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  City in ancient Caria  

  The ancient Mylasa  




  Roman tomb from the 1st century BC (Gümüşkesen)  

The ancient Mylasa was one of the most important cities in the interior of Caria. It belonged to the Attic League of Seas for a short time in the 5th century BC and was the seat of the Carian rulers in the 4th century before Mausolos moved his seat to Halicarnassus, today's Bodrum, around 360 BC.
Mylasa can probably be equated with the Hittite city of Mutamutašša.

  The Double Axe Gate (Baltali Kapi)  

Worth seeing, besides the double-axe gate, old Turkish houses, craft shops and caravanserais, are two mosques from the 14th century, one of them with a gable minaret (Orhan Bey Camii from 1330), a very well preserved Roman tomb from the 1st century BC, in a style similar to the world wonder of Halicarnassus (Bodrum) and an archaeological museum with pieces from the pre-classical, classical, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods.

The Double Axe Gate is so named after the double axe carved into the keystone of the archway. Archaeologists are still arguing about the former function of the gate to this day. Was it part of the city wall, was it a triumphal gate built on the occasion of an imperial visit or was it built for a completely different reason?



The town has a famous weekly market, which not only offers tourists a picturesque sight, but is also a source of first-class and inexpensive olive oil from the area.


  The Atatürk Blv.  
  Before the city the national road D525, direction Söke/Izmir branches off the D330, Muğla - Bodrum.